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These dresses are accessible to the buyers in many types of fittings and designs at the same time. There is dissimilar stuff of clothes to select from once you see a multitude of dresses available in the store. Then, its also wise to be specific in selecting the most appropriate color for a distinct occasion. Many triathlon t shirts have some type of representation of each part of the event. The swimming portion may have a stick figure swimming, a drawing of a lake or just a description of that portion. The biking portion usually has a drawing of a cyclist or a bicycle. This is not surprising at all, given the superb aesthetic values and world class craftsmanship involved in the making of these pieces. In fact, Collezione C2 Creative Director Rhett Eala has infused all the same qualities in the other items of the line, too, such as shorts, skirts, tops and dresses. Although those other items are not yet made available at the official Collezione C2 online store from the Philippines, the brisk sales of the t shirts may spur their availability sooner..